Monday, August 31, 2009

Oasis Broke Up...

It's hard to believe that it'll stick but apparently the Gallagher brother circus is closed for business. Noel has issued a statement that he has quit Oasis and for super serious this time. Word on the street is that it stemmed from a routine pre-gig argument between the brothers concerning Liam being way drunk on arrival for a Paris concert. It's reported that Liam may have crossed the line with a few comments about Noel's children before throwing a guitar at his older brother. The coolest part about this supposed retelling is that Noel caught the guitar, dropped it on the ground, smashed it to shit, and then left the room. If that's true then I think it's a pretty cool way for Oasis to disband. Noel's like James Bond if that's true.

I imagine there'll be a reunion in the near future, and if not we'll at least be able to enjoy a Noel solo album.

Listen to some Oasis, friends:

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