Thursday, August 6, 2009

M&M and M

Biggie and Pac.
Nas and Jigga.
Eminem and Mariah.

After years of releasing either joke songs or nothing at all, Eminem finally found the inspiration to lay down a decent track and it's all thanks to Mariah Careys goldbrickin' ass. She denied that they dated and then put out a song called 'Obsessed' which is rumoured to be about Eminem.

Now based on the knowledge I've gained about Eminem from the Oscar Winning film '8-Mile', you're not supposed to insult him in the public forum. Eminems response, ominously dubbed 'The Warning', not only tears Mariah and Nick Cannon up like a kleenex in a snot party, it takes away any ammunition they might have used in further 'battling'. Eminem lets everyone know that they only boinked once and it wasn't necessarily a marathon.

I doubt Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon could come up with anything close to this in terms of a response, but I hope they try because things like this apparently bring out the best in Mr. Mathers.

Here's the song. The only weak part is when he rhymes about a wine cellar and it sounds like shitty Kanye West lyrics; 'Runnin' from the po-lice like Run, Forrest, Run!'.

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