Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fuck It vs. Fuck You Right Back

Who remembers the Eamon vs. Frankee rivalry?!

Eamon put out a song in 2003 about a cheating girlfriend and then a few weeks later an 'answer single' was released by Frankee.

I have a distinct memory of working at Jim's Pizza and listening to STAR 93.3- playing all the hits, all the time - and hearing this song once every forty-five minutes. I thought it was hilarious how the song was called 'Fuck It' so the majority of it was censored. What was even more scandalous was when the girl from the song responded with her own track called 'Fuck You Right Back'. If I remember correctly we were lead to believe this was an actual break up that happened to have two equally popular and melodic arguments being played over the radio. Turns out they didn't even know eachother and Frankee was looking for her fifteen minutes.

The only good thing to come of this was Eamon earning a Guiness World Record for most for 'the most expletives in a #1 song'.

Here's a video of both of the songs edited together:

Hilarious. The best part is during her chorus when she blames her cheating ways on him: 'Fuck what I did, Was your fault somehow'. Wait...what?

Thanks Emily for finding this on Google despite only being given the reference, 'It was a song about a break up and the girl says fuck a lot' from me.


  1. Your description of Frankee's song at the end is hilariously accurate, and most likely this song would indeed be the first thing that came to mind when told that.
    It's almost as good as the Jay-Z/50 Cent rivalry, just replace the gangster cred with sexual performance issues.

  2. omgg like really its a good song and everything but it is knidsa the guys fault that she was cheating on him cuz he wasnt giving wut she wanted

  3. actually you can never blame the other person for your cheating...instead of cheating why cant you just break up and get what you want instead of cheating??? Girls dont like it when guys say 'hey we cheated on you because you didnt make me happy in bed!!" (which is wrong) but like i said dont blame the other person for your mistakes.

  4. kay cheating is wrong even if your not getting good sex. but humiliating someone publicly by writing a song about cheating describing everything that happend saying "fuck you hoe" not cool either. so i think they both did their share. end of story

  5. Both did their part? End of story? What?
    These songs are fake scenarios to get publicity. Obviously you didnt even read the article because they dont know eachother. Its not a real feud between old lovers.

  6. MariamMisprizedAngelOctober 17, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    Seriously, Eamon was singing about a terrible heartbreak where his girlfriend cheated on him! Of course Eamon wins this one! A girl CHEATED on him! Cheating is absolutely WRONG! Hello? "Fuck You Right Back" is bullshit.