Monday, October 26, 2009

So, Jaws is Real.

Here's a video proving the existence of Jaws. This huge great white motherfucker bit another shark IN HALF! That's bad ass. He clearly doesn't give a shit so these Aussies are pretty much shark meat. Maybe it's just their accents but they seem eerily calm about the whole thing.

'OY! Shark is a funny name. I'd of called em chazwazzers'

So either that smaller shark got owned by Jaws or he swallowed a live grenade.

I'm Moving. Today.

There is a town in Colorado called Dinosaur. In this town, every street has a dinosaur themed name. For example, Brontosaurus Blvd.
This is the coolest thing I think I've ever heard of! It's like Stratford but for Jurassic Park fans instead of loser Shakespeare fans.

I'm going to assume this is their mayor:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"The Bride Will Fight Again."

Quentin Tarantino made that announcement during an Italian interview recently. He added:

“Kill Bill 3 will probably come out, I gotta wait a couple of years, but I want ten years to pass from the second one to the third one.”

Kill Bill Vol.1 came out in 2003 so that means he may make the third one in 2013. Why ten years you ask? QT explains:

“Two reasons. One, I think me and Uma needed a ten year break. And the second one, I loved the character a lot. I think she deserved ten years to relax. She deserved ten years of no fighting, she deserved ten years with her child Bebe, just of peace. I put her through a lot those first two movies, I want her to have a nice, peaceful life for ten years. I want her to set up her store, and have some peace. But after ten years we’ll make her fight again.”

Do you remember in Kill Bill Vol.1 when Bill calls Elle Driver at the moment she's about to euthanize the comatose Bride? Here's his speech, it's pretty similar reasoning to the previous quote, I think.


Y'all beat the hell out of that woman, but you didn't kill her. And I put a bullet in her head, but her heart just kept on beatin'. Now, you saw that yourself with your own beautiful blue eye, did you not? We've done a lot of things to this lady. And if she ever wakes up, we'll do a whole lot more. But one thing we won't do is sneak into her room in the night like a filthy rat and kill her in her sleep. And the reason we won't do that thing is because... that thing would lower us. Don't you agree, Miss Driver?

I guess.

It's basically the same theme of respecting the person enough to give them a break but holding true to your word. What's interesting is that this logic was used when speaking about both a friendship, QT and Uma, and an adversaryship, Bill and Bride.

I need to go back to school and write some essays...


Glenn Beck Theatre

Welcome all to Glenn Beck Theatre.

Today's Feature: Logic

Thank you for joining this evening for Glenn Beck Theatre.

See you next time.

Song of the Day #19

This is 'She's got Standards' by The Rifles. Rog took me to see them at the Horseshoe on Monday and they kicked butt. Listen and like.



Here's a short film directed by Adam Berg and sponsored by Philips. It's a frozen scene with some clowns robbing and terrorizing a building while fending off police officers. It's all one shot and you float through like a fly listening to sinister music. It's also got some clear influences from The Dark Knight so it's got to be good.

I suggest watching it in high quality on YouTube.

In terms of special effects, it makes The Matrix look like Spawn.

Animalia Intricato

These are some crazy detailed images by artist Claire Scully. Her subject matter appears to be unimpressed animals. The wolf is wondering why you're looking at him, the owl isn't smart enough to be unimpressed, and that tiger just isn't having a good time, period.

They're pretty incredible though. I'm really impressed with the catch lights in the animals eyes. It prevents a flat look and personifies them, as I already wittily commented on.

Toss it on a light grey sweater and charge 180 bucks, you'll make millions off hipster scum.

Little People Making Music Inside You

The Zurich Chamber Orchestra in Switzerland recently released this advertising campaign titled 'Touch Your Senses'. They're classy illustrations of wee little people playing your tiniest body parts like instruments and causing you to feel stuff.

I'm going to treat this like I treat all media; very literally. This advertising is therefore telling me that if I go see the Zurich Chamber Orchestra I will experience:

1. Hair raising cellos
2. Heart wrenching percussion
3. And some broad playing a flute so well that I'll cry

That's an orchestra I'd be hard-pressed to turn down. Zurich Chamber Orchestra, you've convinced me with this advertising. I would like to purchase tickets.

Rory: How much is this free resort weekend?
Zurich Chamber Orchestra: It's free.
Rory: And when is this weekend?
Zurich Chamber Orchestra: It's this weekend.
Rory: Uh-huh. And how much does it cost?

They hung up on me.

Cultural Icons: Lego-ized!

Here's a Flickr gallery of a bunch of pop culture characters in surprisingly realistic lego form. Everyone's here! From Colonel Sanders to Robocop. I'm not sure why a Jackie Treehorn one was necessary though...

Here's a few more I like since I know what's cool:
Hellboy. The hell really shows.

Make your own pity joke.

Your foster parents are dead.

Son of a bitch is dug in like an Alabama tick

Wanna see more?! Click in this area.

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