Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jesus Saves!

This is a video some moron recorded of her and a friend trying to convert a girl from Hinduism to Christianity. She introduces her friend as such:

'She's Indian. It's an African country in Asia.'

That's just the tip of this dumbass iceberg, too. They move on to religion and attempt to convince their Indian friend that she is 'wrong' and there is too much 'proof' that Jesus existed to believe anything else.

Sara: I like being Hindu, I think it's a great thing.
Ignorant American Bitch #2: wannna go to hell?

Sara actually takes it pretty well because if I heard either of these girls speak about any subject I'd probably be forced to involve them in a scenario that ultimately concluded with them being run over by a bus. They're clearly from the United States and they cleary believe anything their parents or Bill O'Reilly tells them.

These two ignorant slobs are what is wrong with the world. Sara's a comic genius.

Don't enjoy:

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