Friday, August 21, 2009

Shaq vs Nash

You've probably heard about Shaq's new reality show called 'Shaq VS.' in which he competes against top athletes in other sports. Recently he was in a boxing match with Oscar De La Hoya, which I'm assuming ended in the death of the boxer/pop sensation. More importantly, Shaq got the idea for the show when he was traded to Phoenix and Steve Nash told him that he was working on doing a reality show. Nash told Shaq about a show where he would compete against athletes from other sports. Sounds familiar. So after Nash discovered that Shaq was biting his shit he called his lawyer and they settled on giving Nash some cash AND an Executive Producer credit on the show!

Steve's the man. Although I'm probably one of the few who still finds Shaq's antics funny, it's obvious that a reality show starring Steve Nash would have been much more entertaining. He's more athletic than Shaq and he's probably one of the funniest guys in the NBA.

As proof, please consult the following videos:

This is Steve Nash as 'The Spokesman' for Vitamin Water:
Check out the rest of that series, too.

Steve and Baron Davis as Step Brothers!!
'Get your hands off of my ass, Steve Nash!'

Finally, a GPS lady telling his life story. This one always chokes me up.

I rest my case.

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