Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The US Open: A Shit Show

This year's US Open was completely ridiculous.

I assumed it would be like any other US Open in that Roger Federer and one of the Williams' sisters would walk away with the title. Apparently assuming DOES make an ass out of you and me. You are an ass for another reason. You know.

Let's go over what happened:
1. Nadal came back after missing two majors and stunk it up hard.
2. Kim 'Baby Mama' Clijsters won the Women's title after coming out of retirement.
3. Federer lost to Del Porto, ending his 5 US Open wins in a row.
4. Hewitt, Murray, Roddick, and Djokivic were as disappointing as usual.
5. Serena Williams was eliminated from the tournament for a foot fault.

Here's video of how Serena was eliminated from the Open:
Make sure to watch for the lineswoman scurrying over to rat out Serena

As the announcers mentioned, calling a foot fault is stupid to begin with let alone on a second serve (the gimme serve), and when the match is a point away from completion. So Serena flipped out on the bitch, they hit her with her second unsportsmanlike of the match, and she was eliminated from the tourney. That's a rough way to go.

Especially when this used to happen with much less consequence:

Johnny Mac!

Point is, Serena should have been allowed to keep playing, she would have rallied, it would have been a classic Williams win.

On a lighter note, Roger pulled off a sweet Agassi:


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