Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Fuck With Obama

As the health care debate rages on in the US, President Obama is still pushing for major reform while the Republican party stands opposed. Their argument, of course, is that Obama's bill is socialist. The same argument they used when Obama announced that he would be giving a speech to every American student on their first day of school. I guess the Republicans have a point though, who in their right mind would want their child to be encouraged to learn and succeed while at the same time have access to effective health-care?

During his latest speech to congress about health care, Obama shot down rumours that the new health care would be used by illegal immigrants. While stating that this claim was untrue, a Republican from South Carolina named Joe Wilson yelled out "You lie!".

Here's the video. Note Obama's pimp stare right after he hears it:

That's funny, because here is a snipit from Obama's health care bill that specifically says there won't be anything provided to illegals:

So who's the liar now?

This dink has since apologized, to which Obama said, "We can disagree without being disagreeable."

Also, what's with the dumbass Republican wearing a 'What Bill?' sign on his chest? You're criticizing the tactics of the President, yet you spend your time in congress shading in block letters. Fuck You. Do your fucking job and propose something on the contrary or go stand outside with the rest of the picketers and their poorly made signs.

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