Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fuck You Bruce Bowen

The NBA just became a safer place today. San Antonio Spurs forward Bruce Bowen has announced his retirement after 12 years of playing and intentionally injuring other players.

I am very happy to see this piece of shit go. On countless occasions Bowen has been known to purposefully place other players in the NBA in immediate harm's way. Whether it be kicking Amare in the achille's heel while he was jumping up to dunk, kneeing Steve Nash in the junk while he was on the perimeter, or kicking Ray Allen in the back after he had already fallen to the ground, Bruce Bowen is not only a mediocre player but a failure as a human being.

If I were to go to someone's work and intentionally injure them so that they couldn't do their job and therefore not earn a living, would I not be punished for my actions? Bruce Bowen places players in physical danger knowing full well that any injury could potentially be career-threatening. How is it any different?

His 'signature' move when it comes to injuring players is placing his foot underneath that of a jump shooter so that when said shooter lands, he rolls and sprains his ankle on the uneven surface of Bowen's shoe. He does this several times a season and sometimes ends up injuring players for weeks at a time.

Here's clip video someone made on YouTube of his dirty play:
The stupidest part about it all is that because he's a Spur he feels he has the right to complain about every call. If all of these are just accidents and coincidences then why doesn't it happen this often to anyone else.

I wish terrible things to happen to Bruce Bowen. In all seriousness.

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