Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West IS a jackass

This post is not about Kanye West. We've already established that he is a jackass.

Moving on, you've probably noticed a lot of stories regarding a supposed comment made by President Obama in which he calls West a jackass for his latest embarrassment. It's spreading like wildfire right now because Republicans all over the states need some ammo to fight against quality health-care.

Fact of the matter is, Obama is right. Kanye West is a jackass.

The part of this story that I don't like is how this news got leaked and how it was dealt with afterward. Here's the original place it was reported, Twitter:
Terry Moran, or Terry Moron as I've hilariously dubbed him, is an ABC reporter who overheard Obama say this during an interview. Problem is, the interview was not yet on the record. It was, therefore, off the record. The record includes Twitter, Moron.

So ABC came out with a statement saying how the Tweet shouldn't have been posted, and they apologized. I have a problem with that apology, though. All it does is solidify the fact that Obama did in fact say West was a jackass. I agree, and I think Obama is a pimp for saying it, but that apology is bullshit. The apology should have read something like, "These comments were made during an off the record session and therefore cannot be verified." Instead, they twist the knife in Obama's back by saying, "He totally said that bad thing, but we shouldn't have told you! Oops!" Fuck you, ABC.

Obama called that cop who arrested Prof. Gates 'stupid'. He was.
Obama called Kanye West a jackass. He is.
Why not embrace this new found truthiness in American politics?

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